Ejani dhe Shikoni

Ejani dhe Shikoni

"Ejani dhe Shikoni" një seri predikimesh në të cilat Zoti na fton të gjithëve të vijmë në nje marrdhënie më të ngushtë,duke na ndihmusr të kuptojmë se Ai që po kërkojmë në fakt është brenda nesh.

The church in Gorre this year is invited to “Come and See”. John 1:39

It was this picture in my prayer for the beginning of this New Year for the church, of Jesus inviting his first disciples to come and see where he lived. In that invitation was a long journey with Him, where they would learn from him. They would spend precious time with Him. They would see him perform miracles. They would grow and be equipped to live like Him.

It has been just a few weeks now since we have been focusing on this invitation, but I have to admit it has helped me to see clearer and spend more time with God. It also has helped me grow in my understanding and love for Him, and from this position I am trying to encourage all the church to grow in their inner man. It has been a bit hard, because not all of them have the habit of daily reading and praying.

So please join us in prayer that not just the church here in Gorre, but this whole community will “come and see” Jesus transform their lives. During the week the sermon is discussed in the youth group in a different format that I am developing. This bible study invites the youth to have a personal encounter with Jesus, and allow him to use their life for something bigger than them. This curriculum includes youth bible studies, games, events, challenges for the strong and encouragements for the needy. It has been in my heart and mind for a long time, but I feel privileged to be able to create this “module” called ‘Face to Face with the Saviour’.

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